Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Santa Monica/Oxnard September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

Since we decided that we needed an easy day, we climbed in the car and drove the 45 or so miles from the base to Santa Monica, traveling along beautiful Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway.  As we passed Pepperdine University, we were amazed to see a field of what seemed to be hundreds of American Flags, interspersed here and there with other flags.  Come to find out, this is a yearly event for the University which places on their alumni field 1 flag of the country for each person who died in the terrorist attacks  on 9/11 .  It is a beautiful tribute, and there are various ceremonies held there on September 11 each year. A Pepperdine alumnus, Tom Bennett,  was one of the heroes aboard Flight  United Flight 93   that crashed in Pennsylvania.   What a moving sight it was!

The Highway wound on through many  beach communities and parks.  We were impressed with the amount of access to the beaches that various communities offered to the public.  Malibu was particularly impressive with beautiful homes on both sides of the Highway.  We are sure we know many people who live here, even though they don't know us!

Santa Monica!   Sunset Boulevard!  Wiltshire Drive!   Legendary names for legendary places.  We spent some time at the Santa Monica Pier, checking out the tourist spots, street performers, restaurants, fishermen, ice cream, Pacific Park, and best of all, PEOPLE WATCHING!  It was another tacky tourist thang, but it was fun!
On the Pier. 

Pacific Park on the Pier.  

Venice Beach?   

At the end of the Pier.  
On the return trip, we decided to go into Oxnard to try an "In-n-Out Burger", which we have heard is one of the best burgers in the country.    We thought they were very tasty, but perhaps not as meaty as "5 Guys".  After a quick stop to pick up some things at Albertson's Grocery, we headed back to the base and took the dogs for a nice walk.  We saw lots of succulents growing wild along the road, and of course I dug a couple up and will try to transplant them to Florida.
In-n-Out Burger.
Stolen succulent headed for Florida.  

After a happy hour (miss you Bonnie & Larry) we walked the dogs on the beach again then settled down to see who will be eliminated from DWTS tonight.    
California beach dogs.   

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