Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 14-15, Point Mugu/Reagan Library

September 14, 2014

This morning Bonnie and Larry headed south for early arrival in Hemet, CA for the muster.  We will meet up with them again on the 20th.   We headed south on US 101 towards Los Angeles, Steve's favorite place (not).  It was a pretty ride- along the coast sometimes and up in the mountains sometimes.  
Along Highway 101
One interesting historical note about US 101.   At fairly regular intervals along the highway, we noticed what appeared to be bells hung on a shepherd's hook.  Investigation revealed that they are indeed bells. The bells have been in place since the early part of the century to mark the original route of "El Camino Real" from San Diego to Sonoma. The 700-mile-long El Camino Real linked California's 21 missions, which were founded by Father Junipero Serra, and spaced one day's journey apart by horse.  
One of the mission bells along the highway. 

We arrived mid-afternoon at Point Mugu Naval Station where we are now camped in view of the beach with full hook-ups.   We will stay here several days.  We had a nice walk on the beach with the dogs and then a quiet evening.  

Steve and dogs on our campground beach. 

September 15, 2014

Today we went up into the Simi Valley to tour the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum, another of the highlights of this trip.  This place is so beautiful, complete, and well laid out that it is a joy to wander through.  This was my first visit to a presidential library, and I was surprised to find that it is not a library in the usual sense.  It is an archive and museum preserving the written record and physical history of the president, and it was very impressive.  This library opened in 1991 and President Reagan was buried here in 2004.  His memorial is on the mountaintop with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and the Pacific Ocean.
The entrance to the Reagan Library. 
The view from the Reagan  Memorial. 

President Reagan's life from childhood, to college, to the glamor of Hollywood, all the way to governor of California and ultimately to the presidency of the United States is chronicled here.  In the 24 galleries there are fascinating artifacts, historical documents, and interactive displays that tell the story of Ronald Reagan.  You can enter a full-sized replica of the Oval Office and the actual Air force One which served Regan and 6 other presidents.  You can stroll through a replica of the White House Rose Garden and touch a major piece of the Berlin Wall.
The Oval Office
Steve makes an inaugural speech.  

Air Force One

An actual piece of the Berlin Wall.  

Reagan's Presidential Limosine.  

I must interject a moment of political thought here when I say that upon reflection my visit to this wonderful place was a bit depressing.  When I compare America's progress from 1980-1989 to what is happening here today, it makes  me sad.  Somehow we have lost the confidence and optimism of those long ago days.

Back at the campground, we took the dogs for a walk on the beach and are now happily awaiting the season premier of Dancing With The Stars!

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