Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Badlands National Park August 26, 2014

Today we took the scenic ride through Badlands National Park, stopping frequently at overlooks to admire the beautiful colors and unusual rock formations.  We were disappointed that the only wildlife we saw was 1 jackrabbit and a great many prairie dogs.   Bonnie and I think the prairie dogs are very cute in spite of the fact that they carry plague and cause havoc with farmland with their extensive hole-digging.  We were able to take several short hikes and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and landscape.  We continue to be awe-stricken when we think of the pioneers who traveled across or lived on this rugged land.  They were certainly a strong breed of men and women.

Back at the RV's, there was happy hour (of course),  and a nice dinner prepared by Larry.  In gratitude for the dinner, we let Larry win 3 games of Mexican Train before the hiking and fresh air took its toll and we all turned in early.

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