Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rapid City, SD August 25, 2014

This morning Steve could stand it no longer, so he washed the RV himself.  After discovering that we had not changed our clocks to Mountain time, so we were up an hour early,  Bonnie and I took Precious and Jacques to Petco for grooming, got our nails done,  did some shopping at the Rushmore Mall, and ran other errands.    We returned to the RV's in time for happy hour, where we were joined by our friends Ida and Joe (from the Drifters Chapter).  We all had a nice dinner at the Elk's Lodge and then headed for the evening show at Mt. Rushmore.

The Rapid City Elks Lodge

Dinner at the Elks  -  wake up Joe!
To all SMART members and anyone else who loves a great show of patriotism, please don't miss the evening show at Mt. Rushmore!   Do go see it in the daytime, wander around the park and the gift shop for sure, but come back that night (your ticket is still good).  In the arena, the sculptures fade into shadow as dusk falls.  A ranger comes on stage to present some history of the park and show a brief film about the presidents.  At the end of the program, everyone stands and sings the National Anthem as the lights come up to illuminate the sculptures.   Then the ranger asks everyone who has served in the armed forces to come to the stage.  Each one is asked to state his/her name and branch of service.  There is a huge round of applause in honor of these men and women, and then the flag is lowered.    Many a red-blooded American has to wipe away a tear at this program.  It is truly worth seeing.  We were so proud to see Steve, Larry, and Joe on that stage!

Military men and women honored.  

Another interesting thing happened while we were in the arena.  Sitting in front of us were several young Taiwanese students.  They are here to work in the various resorts in the area for the summer.  They were very friendly and likable group and seemed to enjoy kidding around with us.  When Steve, Larry, and Joe were going down to the stage, this group of young people were applauding and cheering even more than Bonnie, Ida, and I.  They were very attentive and respectful throughout the tribute  to our military, and when it was over they turned to us and asked each of us what service our husbands were in and how long.  They couldn't thank us and the guys enough!  Then one of these young people said something that knocked our socks off!  She said, "If it wasn't for men like your husbands, we wouldn't be here today."  It was a very moving moment for all of us.

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  1. How I envy your travels an all the fun you all are having. Sara, I love your blogs and the pictures with the comments. Please give my best to Steve, Bonnie, Larry and Ida. Sure wish I could be with you all. Safe travels....HUGS to all.