Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sioux Falls, SD August 23, 2014

The day began with uncertainty.  Would Larry and Bonnie's coach get fixed or not?  We had all sorts of alternative plans, but the day turned our wonderfully.

Larry, Bonnie, and Jaques came over to our campsite hoping for the best.  We were prepared to go on to Rapid City tomorrow, leaving their coach here and coming back for it Tuesday.  Happily, that was not necessary.  Their coach is fixed, under warranty, and we will be ready to head west tomorrow!

We decided not to waste our time here in Sioux Falls in the meantime.  We headed for a Wal-mart and Sam's  outing followed by lunch at Culver's, home of the "butter burger."  Then we went downtown to see the sculptures and visit "Falls Park."

This is such a lovely urban park.  While we were there we saw two wedding parties that had come to this beautiful place for their ceremonies.   We climbed on rocks and admired the falls before the word came that the RV was fixed!  It was a lovely day with a great ending!  Off to Rapid City tomorrow.

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