Friday, August 22, 2014

Problems on the road. August 22, 2014

We were very proud to be up and on the road at 7:30 this morning for the long trek from Portage to Sioux Falls, SD.  We were ensconced in a cloud at Sky High Campground, but had pretty good going once we got to the bottom of the mountain.   By the time we reached Minnesota, the sun was out.  All went well until we stopped for gas and as we left the station Larry's "Check Engine" light came on!  After much consultation, we decided that he should push on toward Sioux Falls where there is a Freightliner  Repair Shop.   After several calls, they were able to get an appointment to have the coach seen at 4 p.m.

Steve and I had an unusual experience at the Tower RV Park in Sioux Falls.   The management did not seem to know what sites were available.   They assigned us to site 111, a pull through, but there was a small trailer parked there.  They reassigned us to 324, but that turned out to be occupied as well.  We finally pulled in behind the trailer on 111, and he finally pulled his rig out about an hour later.

Bonnie and Larry, meanwhile, were having their problem evaluated.  They will stay at Freightliner tonight.  The problem will either be fixed by noon tomorrow or they will have to stay here until next Tuesday.  Needless-to-say, this has left all of us up in the air.   Stay tuned folks.   We have plans for any alternative.


  1. Sarah, I am sure much smarter folks than me have passed advice, but sometimes fueling with the engine running can cause the CK Eng light to come on. It can then take like 3 starts with the engine getting up to operating temperature each time before it will extinguish itself. Not saying that is his problem, just saying it is a possibility..
    Good luck on all..

  2. Sarah, this is what I have in my truck. I have a Cummins Engine in it.
    This gives you a lot of information about your motor that you can not see otherwise, and you can read any Codes set, and allows you to reset them, so if it is something minor the Check Eng light will stay out, but if it is a "hard" code it will come back on.
    I have had it for 10 years or so in 2 vehicles. Plowing snow I get a light as I often have brake and gas pedals down to close together, and I put the light out with this..
    Pretty cheap insurance!!

    Just passing info.. Dick

    1. Thanks, Dick. Passing the info along.

  3. Sorry about the problems. But you still are having a ball. The boat ride sounded great.