Friday, August 22, 2014

Wisconsin Dells August 21, 2014

We woke this morning to a rainy, cloudy day.  We were so disappointed because we wanted to do some sightseeing here.  After sitting around most of the morning, we decided to go into Wisconsin Dells anyway to see what we could see from the car in the rain, and we are very glad we did because the rain let up and we had a great afternoon.  After a stop at the Visitor's Center and lunch at McDonald's we decided to take a chance and book a boat tour of the Dells.  The rain had stopped and although it was still cloudy the boat was running and had a place to get out of the rain if we needed to, so off we went!

Our two hour tour of the Upper Dells wound through narrow canyons and past the towering sandstone cliffs for a 10 mile round trip ride.  It included stops at Stand Rock and Witches Gulch. The weather cooperated beautifully, with no more rain and even a little bit of sunshine.
Waiting for our boat ride

 The sandstone rock formations are among the oldest exposed bedrock on Earth, forming more than 500 million years ago in the early Cambrian period.  This particular kind of sandstone is only found in 4 places on Earth: Potsdam, Germany; Potsdam, NY; Zurich, Switzerland; and here.  They are remnants of ancient sand dunes, part of a desert that once covered the continent.   About 14,000 years ago a large ice dam gave way letting the glacial waters of Lake Wisconsin  flood the area, cutting out gorges and leaving behind the towering sandstone cliffs we see today.  This is some of the softest rock on Earth and is very porous, allowing even large trees to grow from its surface.

Aboard the Joliet
Chimney Rock

Going into Witches Gulch

Witches Gulch

Standing Rock
 Back in town we wandered down very touristy Broadway to the Carr Valley Cheese Factory where we loaded up on good Wisconsin cheese.  The shop is located in the "Bavarian Village" which also boasts a glockenspiel that tells the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin.  It was tacky but fun to watch.  
The Pied Piper

Back at the RV's Larry prepared a spaghetti dinner for us, and Steve once again walked away with the dominos game.

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